Modern Day Hunter-Gatherer Procures Hose, Gatorade Bottle, Tin-foil And Several Boompas For A Sesh

A young Frankston man has today had to rely upon the land to obtain all the parts required for a cheeky grill, using techniques passed down from his dodgy older brother, and his dodgy cousin before that.

The man reportedly cut his neighbours hose, snagged some tin foil from the kitchen and necked a Gatorade before beginning the careful ritual of scouting for boompa’s outside the servo.

As the man carefully paces up and down the servo car-park with his eyes to the ground, a wise old cooked cunt watches him from a distance, nodding in appreciation.

“The boys a natural, you can see it in the way he moves”.

The old cooker told our reporter.

“Lotta kids these days just have glass bong and their parents Benson Hedges, it’s good to see these younger generations still getting back to the roots”

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