OPINION: If Two Men Can Get Married What Is Stopping Me From Jerking Off My Mates Alpaca??  


I get it, I get it. You bleeding heart lefties think you know what is best for the world. You preach “equality” and say things like “love is love”. But this isn’t about equality or love, it’s about limits.

If two “men” can have a wedding under the eyes of god, say their vowels and be legally recognised by the state as married then what exactly is stopping me from ringing up my mate Tim, telling him I want to come and visit his farm, driving two hours out past Wangaratta, sneaking off to the back paddock and wanking off his huacaya alpaca for a bit??

Oh here comes the righteous lefty brigade. “That’s animal cruelty” “why would you jack off Tim’s beautiful alpaca”. Firstly, alpacas aren’t animals they’re mammals. Secondly what is more fucked up? A man fervently beating the dick of an Alpaca in the Victorian countryside or  two “men” being recognised as partners under AUSTRALIAN LAW?

So unless we want some kind of fucked up alpaca orgy going on in OUR COUNTRYSIDES, I suggest we re-examine this whole ‘marriage equality’ debate. Because I, for one, don’t have the time or dexterity for that kind of business.


Think about it, socialists.
Gisbon Borbel


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