Bodybuilder Comes To Sudden Realisation That Being Really Really Strong Is Kind Of Dumb In Today’s Society

 A gold coast bodybuilder has come to the sudden realisation that his years of hard work lifting heavy things up and down in the gym were sort of a stupid way to spend his time.

“It’s just.. theres machines and stuff to lift everything for us now.. like maybe if we were cavemen or something this would be useful but we aren’t and i just feel really silly right now”

“I mean I can usually carry all my groceries in one go from the car, but I also have to look like a veiny cloud all the time”.

When asked what his original motivations were for working out the man stated that he just wanted to get in shape.

“I just wanted to be fit.. but like I’m not even healthy, my heart is literally having murmurs as we speak”.

The arrhythmic man told our reporter.

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