Dirty Gatorade Bong Enters Sixth Day On Kitchen Bench of Passive Aggressive Mother

A homemade ‘gator bong’ has reportedly been sitting on the kitchen bench of a family home, within full view of everyone for 6 days.

Reports say the bong was found by the mother of Lachie Greggs last Friday. Mrs. Greggs has a history of passive aggressive parenting and there is no doubt she has left the bong out as a sort of challenge to Lachie to explain. Lachie, however, appears un-phased by the bongs presence.

“If she wants to keep a fuckin filthy gator bong on the kitchen bench for a week she can”.

The young man told the Derby Times.

Mrs. Greggs has reportedly sought assistance from Lachies father, Mr. Greggs, but was denied on the grounds that he “Didn’t want anything to do with this crazy bullshit”.

There have reportedly been several tense stare-offs had over the top of the bong, with neither party willing to acknowledge its presence. Lachie, however, appears confident that disposal of the bong will soon fall to his mother.

“Grandma’s supposed to be coming on Saturday so unless they’re planning on ripping a few intergenerational stoompa’s together I reckon it’s gonna end up in the wheelie bin”


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