Man Measures Strength of Relationship by Number of Dick Tricks Exhibited

A local man has discovered the most accurate measure of the strength of his relationships is the quantity and degree-of-intricacy of dick tricks that he has let his girlfriend witness.

The local man emphasised that not many women realise that theres a whole world of dick tricks out there.

“It’s more than just like the Mangina or whatever, I’ll pull that on a second date sometimes”

When asked why dick-tricks are such an accurate measure of a bond between two people the man explained.

“A relationship is really about trust you know and really, what is more trusting than showing your girl an inside-out foreskin with a double ball twist?”

“Of course only one girls seen that one, god I miss her”.

The man has reportedly been working on a new move which involves both testicles and his anus but says he cannot comment further until the night of his honey moon.

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